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Complex expert consultancy under Act No. 39/2013 Coll. on Integrated Prevention and Environmental Pollution Control from the submission of the application for an integrated permit (IP) up to the launch of test operation and permanent operation:

  • preparation of applications for IP (including applications for a building permit);
  • preparation of applications for changes in the IP;
  • evaluation of the best available technology (BAT) according to BREF documents;
  • ensuring opinions and standpoints of relevant authorities.

Preparation of operating documentation:

  • emergency plan for hazardous waste handling;
  • plan of preventative measures to avoid uncontrolled discharge of hazardous substances to the environment and for actions to be taken in the case of such discharge (emergency plan – water);
  • set of technical-operating parameters and technical-organisational measures (TOP and TOM);
  • application for a permit under Act No. 137/2010 Coll. on Air;
  • waste management programmes;
  • other operating documentation under the acts on IPPC, air protection, waters, waste, industrial accidents and liability for environmental damages.