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Preparation of operating documentation for industrial facilities and of changes in such documentation:

  • Emergency plan for the disposal of hazardous waste;
  • Plan of preventive measures to prevent the production of uncontrolled discharge of hazardous substances and especially hazardous substances into the environment and of actions to be taken in the case of such discharge (emergency plan – water);
  • Set of technical-operating parameters and of technical-organisational measures (TOP and TOM sets);
  • Obtaining permits issued by air protection authorities pursuant to Act No. 137/2010 Coll. on Air;
  • Waste management programmes;
  • Other operating documentation under the Act on IPPC, air protection, waters, waste, packaging, industrial accidents and liability for damages.

Preparation or control of monthly/quarterly/annual reports as per relevant act:

  • air;
  • water;
  • waste.