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Expert team

Consultant – specialist:

Ing. Mgr. Milan Kovačič

  • Experience: 47 years;
  • Field of expertise: EIA, IPPC, CO2, nature protection, energy technology assessment, waste incineration, pulp mills and paper mills, cement mills and lime-kilns.

Consultant – senior:

Ing. Tomáš Varró, CSc. (ext.)

  • Chief consultant for air and greenhouse gases
  • Experience: 37 years;
  • Field of expertise: air, greenhouse gases, IPPC, assessments, energy, cement mills and lime-kilns.

RNDr. Jana Madarasová

  • Chief consultant for EIA
  • Experience: 19 years;
  • Field of expertise: EIA – environmental science, waste management, nature protection, IPPC.

Jana Kovačičová, PhD. (ext.)

  • Chief consultant for REACH
  • Experience: 47 years;
  • Expertise: REACH, chemical safety, food quality.

Ing. Martina Hudecová

  • Experience: 16 years;
  • Field of expertise: EIA – biology, environmental science, nature protection, IPPC.

Mgr. Martin Kovačič

  • Experience: 14 years;
  • Field of expertise: EIA, environmental law, BREF WI, WT, LCP, waste-to-energy technologies.

Consultant – junior:

Ing. Jana Gelieňová

  • Experience: 10 years;
  • Field of expertise: IPPC, environmental audits, waste management systems, EU funds.

Mgr. Jana Ivanová

  • Experience: 9 years;
  • Field of expertise: waste management, engineering, IPPC.

Mgr. Martin Mihál

  • Experience: 2 years;
  • Field of expertise: financial analysis, EU funds.

Technical assistant: